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Unalome/Lotus Selenite Stick

Unalome/Lotus Selenite Stick

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Ethically sourced selenite sticks with engraved unalome/lotus.  Measures 6" x 2" x .5".

Selenite can be used to both cleanse and charge your crystals.  Other healing properties include:

  • Promoting communication with Divine
  • Promoting communication with Higher Self
  • Sparking inspiration
  • Fostering Enlightenment
  • Providing Protective Energy

Unalome symbolizes your unique path in life.  The curl at the base symbolizes the starting point of life or your spiritual awakening.  The twisting, intertwined lines indicate the path your life takes as you begin to reach enlightenment.  The straight line that follows symbolizes becoming wiser and more centered.  The dots and lotus symbolize the reaching of one's goals, freedom, and enlightenment.

***Do not use water to cleanse your selenite crystals.  Selenite is water soluble and therefore will dissolve if submerged in water. *** 

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