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Heart Chakra Collection Bracelets

Heart Chakra Collection Bracelets

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Custom designed and handmade high quality authentic gemstone bracelet.  Wear your crystals anywhere you go!

Feeling jealous, selfish, unempathetic, or having trouble with co-dependency or cold-heartedness?  You may be experiencing a blockage in your heart chakra, and might benefit from the healing properties of some of our top of the line heart chakra bracelets. 

5 styles to choose from:

Style 1:  Green Aventurine and Ruby Zoisite in alternating pattern

Style 2:  Prehnite, Green Aventurine, Ruby Zoisite, and Moss Agate

Style 3:  Rose Quartz, Prehnite, and Green Aventurine

Style 4:  Ruby Zoisite and Green Aventurine in block pattern

Style 5:  Pink Opal, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, and Green Aventurine

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